We are the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services in the Yorkshire and Humber region, known as ADASS, Y&H. ADASS is a national charity and we are one of the nine constituent regions. We are a leading, independent voice of adult social care in the Y&H region, primarily composed of the 15 Local Authority Directors of adult social care departments in the region.

ADASS Y&H have a vision for a sustainable social care and health system that provides excellent care and support throughout the region, promotes wellbeing and social justice, strengthens local communities and economies and equips them to face new challenges.

We have regional networks that enable us to focus on our plan. Each are led by a Director of Social Services and supported by the ADASS Regional Support Team.

Sector Led Improvement

The region is committed to Sector Led Improvement (SLI) the principle of which is to draw upon support and expertise from within the sector, including local, regional and national organisations, for example the Local Government Association to support a continuous improvement journey, and contribute to the improvement of local government as a whole. SLI activities used in the region have included peer challenges, mentoring and showcasing best practice.

The ADASS Y&H Support Team

The ADASS Y&H Support Team assist and support the Directors and the regional networks to deliver the priorities of the region. The team consists of a Programme Director and two Project Leaders who have a wide range of experience in the planning, practice and performance of social care.

Our Region

Yorkshire and the Humber is composed of the counties of West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire the East Riding of Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It shares borders with North East and North West England and the East Midlands.